Anybody Can Teach You Structure,

My Course Offers a Proven 7-Step Process

To Finish Your Script, Attract Producers

- And Possibly Even Quit Your Day Job


"Most writers use structure the same way a drunk uses a lamppost - for support rather than illumination."


David Andrew Lloyd





Techniques You'll Learn:


Stop procrastination - so you can get that idea out of your head and on to the page




How to write a One (1) Sentence Logline that entices Producers to read your script




Openings that will excite an Agent




The Seven (7) Major Plot Points studio readers expect to see before they will

recommend your script




The Seven (7) Booster Rockets to propell your second act




The One (1) Question that drives your entire Second Act




Two (2) Reasons a good Villian needs to be as dynamic as your Hero




Plus, a few inside tricks professional

screenwriters don't want you to know


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"If I was starting my career over again, Ultimate Screenwriting would be one of the first courses I would consider.  It teaches you the fundamentals in a simple, straightforward style. Plus, Dave's a funny guy."



Bob Fisher, Screenwriter

"The Wedding Crashers"







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